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Brian F. says:

Great fast service! The waiting area was super comfortable. Free coffee machine. I was told that my truck would be done within the hour and it was. Free wash. Looks like a shiny penny! Also got a follow-up email and I asked a question that was responded to within the hour. Thanks, Ford City!

Debbie J. says:

Their staff has always been professional and friendly. When I was so down on my luck that the barely-running hooptie sputtered and died as I rolled onto the lot, I figured I was pretty well screwed, especially when I saw three salesmen standing in the showroom window laughing. They didn't take advantage of me-a single mother going through a divorce, with very little money and a car I would not have been able to drive off their lot. They hooked me up with a demo model. Granted, it was a beige station wagon, nothing exciting, but it had incentive financing and full warranty just like a brand new car, without the ridiculous markup a new car typically has. I will always be grateful to them for that.

Megan G. says:

Many kudos to Tyler Burton and Kathy Taylor.... please continue reading.... I just purchased a 2013 Ford Fiesta SE from Champaign Ford City and wanted to share my great car buying experience. The whole experience was second to none! Tyler Burton and the whole team went above and beyond my expectations. Kathy Taylor came through with outstanding financing on my new car. I was very impressed with the whole process of buying my vehicle there. With the current variety of car salesmen and car dealers in the world, I did not expect to find a salesman and dealer that care about the customer. Many dealers don?t seem to really want to deal on a vehicle in any capacity, let alone care about the customer. After my car buying experience with Ford City, I can safely say, when the time comes, I will most likely be back to see what you have on your lot. I again thank you for your customer relationship skills, communication, follow up and attention to detail. During the purchase my new car, you communicated the status of follow up items prior to being asked and all questions and issues were properly answered, or resolved. This type of communication is critical in all types of business transactions and illustrates that the team at Champaign Ford City is very customer focused.

Bobby T. says:

All went well,,,, as always,,, very happy with the service I get !!! Everyone is always helpful and very polite. Keeps me coming back and really enjoy getting the car washed before leaving!

Don J. says:

The dealership and the sales person I worked with were wonderful. They made the sale easy and made my 3 hour trip to and from the dealership worth it. Tyler was a good salesman. You could tell he really does care about his customer and went up and beyond to make things right when there appeared to be a problem. I would truly recommend this dealership if you are looking for a fair and honest place!

Rusty K. says:

Every time I have gone to Champaign Ford City, I leave feeling that I have gotten the best service that one could expect. Everyone is very friendly and seem to want to do the best for us. I am very pleased with Ford city and there help. Kelly was our adviser and was friendly and helpful.

Benjamin B says:

I've had a used a car and a new car with this dealership and in both cases I have been impressed by the service. From general maintenance on the new car to the more intensive maintenance of the old to keep it running in tip top shape, they took great care of me and I look forward to buying our next car here. I'm a Ford guy, so there's a bit of bias, but, I've dealt with other ford dealerships in other towns and this is where I'd prefer to deal with as a road tripper that doesn't really care about distance. This is the Ford dealership that impressed me in the local area. Your experience may vary, but I highly encourage you to give them a look-see. I've had nothing but great experience with them in both sales and service.

Lee H. says:

Bill Green is an excellent sales person. Thanks.