Focus is "Going Further" to reach new Tech Savvy buyers with class exclusive features like our SYNC Voice-Activated Technology. To leverage the power of the SYNC brand, we are launching a National "No Charge SYNC" Discount on Focus.  

  • "No Charge SYNC" - Willrun through the end of the 2012 Model Year

  • National Discount provides a ($395) MSRP credit (value of SYNC) on all units equipped with SYNC and or SYNC with MyFord Touch. This includes; Focus SE 202A and 203A, all SEL series and all Titanium series units.

  • Units equipped with SYNC currently represent more than 70% of dealer inventory SYNC (MSRP contained within Rapid Spec) $395 No Charge SYNC Discount ($395) Net Package Price = No Charge
      RE-INVOICING ACTIONS - ELIGIBLE UNITS SERIALIZED BY 4/6/12 • All units equipped with SYNC and or SYNC with MyFord Touch, serialized by 4/3/12 will be reinvoiced and new window labels shipped to dealers beginning in April. • New orders with SYNC and or SYNC with MyFord Touch will reflect the "No Charge SYNC Discount" on the window label, invoice and in CONCEPS beginning on 4/3/12 through 2012 MY Balance Out. • Note: To maintain proper price walks between all series, a special one-time marketing allowance will be paid on all SE 201A units serialized by 4/3/12. Since these impacted units do not have SYNC, a ($395) MSRP "marketing allowance" credit will show on the invoice and window label. Any SE 201A units ordered after 4/3/12 will not be eligible for this special one-time "marketing allowance". • Dealers should consider the value that SE 203A now represents with "No Charge SYNC" when placing stock orders for the remained of the 2012 Model Year.